david gedye is a highly skilled sports & remedial massage therapist and ISRM affiliated  (btec level 5 @ the london school of massage, under the watchful eye of mel cash), SPECIALISING in pre and post sport events  preparation and rehabilitation. also specialising in pre and post operation pre-hab and re-hab, David covers all aspects of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

with david, you're not just getting someone who specialises in massage; being an active personal trainer he holds a much better understanding of how the body works, allowing his knowledge to keep progressing at a faster rate than the average massage therapist.

his approach to massage and exercise has evolved into an holistic approach of strength training, regular stretching, good nutrition and restorative massage. Every person is different, meaning every massage is different. understanding how a Client’s physical system ticks helps them to function in an optimal way;  improving their overall enjoyment of life, ensuring the body retains optimal functionality and increasing the likelihood of reaching THEIR goals without being held back by niggling injuries. 

he deals  with a wide range of age groups and Clients from all walks of life: from a current uk triathlon competitor to a number of people well into their 70’s and simply looking to maintain good flexibility and freedom of movement.

If you want to improve the quality of your movement, eliminate those little niggles holding you back, or simply need a relaxing massage to clear your head,

please get in touch!