personal training

Personal training is all about providing you with a unique training experience tailored to your specific goals. When you sign with us, you become part of the SQUAD and we will provide you with the most up to date expertise in fat loss, strength and conditioning and nutrition. Using the best science backed training and nutritional advice, plus motivational help when needed, we can guarantee you results in the fastest time possible. 

 You will be provided with most effective workouts that not only allow you to be consistent with your weekly plans but can also be used to keep you accountable, so you keep improving. All this is backed with out-of-session support, that allows you to take the guess work out of going to the gym or personal training studio London and speeds up the time it takes to achieve your goals.

The first thing we do at Squad S&C is set up a consultation, where we sit down and go into details about your goals. We feel it's key to find the real emotional triggers that make you want to achieve your targets. Anyone can come to the gym and say "I want to build muscle", "I want to lose fat" or "I want to tone my body", but finding the real reasons behind this will give you a bigger desire and motivation to be consistent.

After the consultation, we can book your first session, where we can asses your fitness levels, abilities and technique, allowing us to create a detailed training plan that will be specific to what you can do effectively and safely.

Following the plan closely, we can guarantee rapid fat loss, increase in muscle mass or a more toned and healthier looking body.  

 join the squad!

   goal specific personal training

  (Fat loss, Strength training, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, rehab, OCR events, fitness conditioning)

8, 12, 16 week transformations

Include the following;

Goal setting

Personalised program

psychometric testing

Diet plan

Supplement advice

Diet set up instructions

Meal planning

Macro nutrient breakdown

Regular communication via phone call, text & email

Progress files including, pictures (every 2 weeks), training spreadsheets and diet sheets

Body fat measurements

myfitnesspal premium account

group sessions

Group sessions are a great way to train with friends, family or work colleagues. Not only will you still get everything you do in a personal training session, but you will also get the chance to share the experience and spread the cost, allowing us to work with you more often and speeding up the time it takes to get you results.

gymbox victoria

at Gymbox Victoria we have space to train a maximum of 5 people at a time on the gym floor and there is also the option to rent 1 of the 3 studios if you wanted to workout in a group of 6-20 people


there are also options available for outdoor group sessions and office workouts for personal training central London so,

please contact us to find out more...