strongman series (loaded carries)

Loaded carries 

This isn't as hard as you might think. All you have to do is pick up a weight, and carry it over distance – it's as simple as that! The skills needed are minimal. But, the benefits are amazing. You can develop powerful legs and hips, build strength through the core, and develop a strong and stable back – as well as phenomenal grip strength and improved posture. It's also very intense on the cardiovascular system, too. You just need to make sure your back is straight when you up pick up the weight. If you create a perfect posture by standing tall with your shoulders pinched back, and arms locked out at your side, then it's a matter of walking over a certain distance. Start at a slow pace, heel-to-toe. Keep your body tall, and core and shoulders tensed.

Variations include carrying a weight in one hand by your side (suitcase carry) or loading two kettlebells into the front rack position (front rack carries). A more advanced move is the overhead carry, where you can hold a heavy plate – or two kettlebells – over your head, and move over a distance. This advanced move can really improve strength in the lower traps and posture.