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Welcome to SQUAD – Find the best personal trainer Central London that's right for you

Whether you're looking for an affordable personal trainer London, A NUTRITION plan, massage and injury rehab or perhaps you need to arrange a corporate session for your workers, Squad Personal Training can help. We provide unique training experiences tailored to your specific goals. When you sign up with us, you become part of the SQUAD meaning that you're provided with the most up to date expertise in fat loss, strength conditioning and nutrition. By using the best science backed training and nutritional advice, as well as motivational help when needed, we can guarantee you results in the fastest time possible.  

SQUAD is a unique strength and conditioning company that offer personal training West London, we specialise in getting people leaner, stronger and happier through personal, group training and massage. The team consists of Ryan Lea, Josie Crafts and our massage/rehab/injury specialist David Gedye, so if you're looking for the best personal trainer London then look no further.

All of our trainers are highly skilled, have years of experience in their fields and have a real passion for helping people attain their fitness and nutrition goals. Why not try out personal trainer Central London Services and see what they can do for your fitness.

We offer an affordable personal trainer London & Personal training West London

As a member of SQUAD, you can expect a different approach personal training West London, you'll be provided with most effective workouts that not only allow you to be consistent with your weekly plans but can also be used to keep you accountable, so that continue to improve. All this is backed with out-of-session support, that allows you to take the guess work out of going to the gym and speeds up the time it takes to achieve your goals.

Many of our clients come to us looking for an affordable personal trainer London, so the first thing we do at Squad S&C is set up a consultation, where we sit down and go into details about your goals. We feel it's key to find the real emotional triggers that make you want to achieve your targets. Anyone can come to the gym and say "I want to build muscle", "I want to lose fat" or "I want to tone my body", but finding the real reasons behind this will give you a bigger desire and motivation to be consistent. We can also offer a personal training studio London that will give you provide you with extra space and flexibility for your workout.

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After the consultation, we can book your first session to start you personal training West London, here we'll asses your fitness levels, abilities and technique, allowing us to create a detailed training plan that will be specific to what you can do effectively and safely.

Following the plan closely, we can guarantee rapid fat loss, increase in muscle mass or a more toned and healthier looking body.

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